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Jim "Doc" Sivertsen has been with United since our inception, which began in 1988. Jim has a foundry science background and played a vital role in setting up our refining facility. Jim`s expertise and experience in jewelry manufacturing has helped United become the industry leader for technical support.

Ajit MenonAjit Menon

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Ajit has been with United since 2000 as our director of technology. Ajit has earned both a Bachelors and Masters degree of Science in Metallurgical Engineering. He has also spoken on a variety of topics at the Santa Fe Symposium and has given technical seminars in many countries worldwide. In addition to his extensive education, Ajit has acquired his vast knowledge and technical expertise through his 17 years of manufacturing experience.

Heinz RasenackHeinz Rasenack


Heinz has recently joined our staff of technical advisors and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in modern jewelry manufacturing and jewelry casting. Over the past few years Heinz has developed state of the art production techniques, which have maximized the production process while minimizing cost. He regularly attends trade shows to keep up with the latest industry changes and technological advancements. His knowledge and experience will enable him to troubleshoot all phases of production internationally and domestically.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,339.78 +$3.81/+0.29%
Silver $16.03 +$0.02/+0.12%
Platinum $826.50 +$1.50/+0.18%
Palladium $1,488.00 +$4.00/+0.27%
Gold 2019-02-20 7:00 PM
Bid/Ask $1,339.78/$1,341.28
High/Low $1,340.64/$1,339.11
Change +$3.81/+0.29%
Silver 2019-02-20 7:00 PM
Bid/Ask $16.03/$16.13
High/Low $16.09/$16.07
Change +$0.02/+0.12%
Platinum 2019-02-20 7:00 PM
Bid/Ask $826.50/$831.50
High/Low $829.00/$827.50
Change +$1.50/+0.18%
Palladium 2019-02-20 7:00 PM
Bid/Ask $1,488.00/$1,494.00
High/Low $1,492.50/$1,487.50
Change +$4.00/+0.27%

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