9K-14K Yellow Gold Fabrication Master Alloys

Code: 291 Rich Yellow 9K-14K 291 Spec Sheet Reverse heat-treatable for fabrication & machining
Code: 800 Reddish Yellow 9K-14K 800 Spec Sheet Excellent, user-friendly sheet, wire & stamping
Code: 805 Greenish Yellow 9K-14K 805 Spec Sheet Color match to #278 & #VHF-10
Code: 820 Standard Yellow 9K-14K 820 Spec Sheet Low silver, light weight, excellent rolling, wire & stamping
Code: 823 Medium Yellow 9K-14K 823 Spec Sheet Excellent, user-friendly for sheet, wire & stamping
Code: 824 Rich Yellow 9K-14K 824 Spec Sheet Color match to UA 1, good for chain & tubing
Code: 826 Light Yellow 9K-14K 826 Spec Sheet User-friendly for sheet, wire & tube making
Code: 837 Light Greenish Yellow 9K-14K 837 Spec Sheet Low silver, excellent for chain manufacturing
Code: 850 Standard Yellow 9K-14K 850 Spec Sheet Soft, user-friendly sheet making alloy
Code: 855 Bright Yellow 9K-14K 855 Spec Sheet Low price point for light weight jewelry

*All Purpose Alloy - for Casting & Fabrication applications

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