Development Lab

Research & Development

Our state-of-the-art research and development lab was designed in 2019 and construction completed in early 2020 allowing for more in-house development and testing of our jewelry products. Our team of metallurgists alongside our technical department are able to now take a product from concept to casting and finishing – all done in-house to ensure a user-friendly experience for our customers.

In addition to the metallurgists and tech team, United employs a jeweler who is able to test products in our R&D Lab. From casting to soldering and finishing, we can test the metals throughout every step of the process.

Jewelry Products

Projects in Development

New tests currently being conducted in the R&D Lab include Melting Range Tests on Gold & Silver base jewelry alloys (precious metal alloys), solders & repair materials. This test allows our team to identify the ‘Solidus’ point of an alloy (the temperature at which the alloy starts melting) and the ‘Liquidus’ point of the same alloy (the temperature at which the alloy is completely liquid). This test is particularly useful for solders to identify the flow point which is near Liquidus. In addition, the Melting Range Test helps in creating and verifying pre-alloy temperatures and casting temperatures of karated casting grains and sterling silver grains.


Tech Team