Your Partner in Precious Metals & Beyond

Your Partner in Precious Metals & Beyond

Since opening our doors in 1988, United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. has specialized in providing a Full Circle of Capabilities for our clients. Over time, we’ve also developed additional services to match the ever-evolving jewelry industry. As a company driven by quality, it’s no wonder we’re the leading supplier of master alloys, de-oxidized sterling silver, solder and precious metal wire products.

To some, metal refining may seem straightforward, however we take pride in going above and beyond to provide specialized services that make your life easier. Every part of our process has been streamlined to create fast and efficient workflows. Plus, with continual upgrades to our technology, we’re able to provide a higher-quality product at more affordable prices. No matter what you need in regards to precious metals, we’re here to help.

Precious Metal Refining

Obviously, we feel pretty passionate about precious metal refining. It is in our name. But, you might be curious as to what exactly precious metal refining is. Think of it like recycling, but at the end, you receive the byproduct directly. So, when you send us gold, silver, platinum or palladium scraps, we take them and isolate each component into a purified state for recirculation. The process of refining results in new raw material, while also reducing the amount of mining, which benefits the Earth. Through our website, you can use our calculators to determine approximately what you’ll receive for what you send. Just one of many helpful tools available to our customers. After all, we’ve been in the business for over 33 years and it’s not our first rodeo.

Analytical Services

You wouldn’t give your precious metals to just anyone. That’s why we focus on building such strong relationships with our customers. At the end of the day, we know that analyzing every piece of jewelry you manufacture takes attention away from your other responsibilities. Our in-house analytical service allows you to send samples in for testing with a state-of-the-art precious metal calculator. Whether it’s karat verification, color measuring, plating thickness testing or Vickers hardness testing, we are here to help simplify your workload.

Jewelry Products

Our catalog offers an extensive selection of top-quality products for both jewelers and manufacturers. Our cadmium-free solder are “Simply the Best” and produced right here in The United States. Whether you’re producing collections with precious metals or alloys for sample lines, we’ll supply you with the proper products to stay competitive and provide the highest quality to your clients.

Technical Support & Superior Customer Service

Regardless of the quality, if our customer service doesn’t match, we’re not doing our job. Our employees are here to help you understand the process. With our toll-free hotline (1-800-999-FINE), jewelry manufacturers and bench jewelers can troubleshoot issues directly with us. Simply give us a call and a member of our team will walk you through exactly what is needed for near-perfect results. Whether you’re looking to verify the melting point of platinum or identify why porosity or cracking is happening, we’re here for you.

Research & Development

We believe in constant improvement when it comes to our services in the precious metal and jewelry industries. United Precious Metal Refining never has and never will stop learning to improve our craft. That’s why we added a Research and Development department to our company to further our techniques in the field. Through this cutting-edge collection of researchers and professionals, we are gathering first-hand knowledge to continually improve our products and services.

Since opening 33 years ago, A LOT has changed. We’ve proudly grown and evolved with the times. We strive to bring you the very best service in every aspect of the game. As such, we’re committed to you and we’re committed to the future of our industry. Thank you for trusting us with your most precious projects. Know that we value the relationships we’ve built with you and are honored to be in a position where we can help your business to succeed.