Diamond and Stone Removal

Diamond and Stone Removal

Many of United’s customers utilize the stone removal services offered to safely extract stones from finished jewelry sent in for refining. One of the most frequently asked questions is:  

“Which stones survive the process, and which do not?”  
Here is a list to answer this frequently asked question:

GEMSTONEHeat ResistanceAcid ResistanceSpecial Notes
DiamondsExcellentExcellentFractured filled stones lose filler
Cubic ZirconiaExcellentExcellent
Ruby & SapphireFair to GoodGoodSapphire may lose color
Cats Eye – AlexandriteFair to GoodFair to Good
SpindelFair to GoodFair to Good
Precious TopazFair to GoodFair to Good
EmeraldPoorFair to GoodEtching and roughness on oiled stones
AquamarinePoorFair to Good
TourmalineFair to GoodFair to GoodMay lose color
Garnet – RhodoliteFair to GoodFair to GoodEtching or roughness may occur
Rutilie – FabulitePoorFair to GoodMay crack
Amethyst – CitrineFairFair to GoodColor may change
PeridotPoorPoorMay crack
TanzanitePoorFairMay crack
Jadeite – NephritePoorPoorEtching, roughness, color loss
Kunzite – HiddenitePoorPoorMay crack or lose color
ZirconPoorFairMay crack
MoonstonePoorPoorAcids may etch
OpalVery PoorVery PoorMay partially dissolve or crack
HematitePoorPoorAcids will attack stone
TurquoiseVery PoorVery PoorAcids will dissolve stones
Lapis LuzuliVery PoorVery PoorAcids will attack stone
Shell – CameoVery PoorVery PoorAcid will dissolve stones
CoralVery PoorVery PoorAcids will dissolve coral
Pearls – MabesVery PoorVery PoorAcids will dissolve pearls and mabes
IvoryVery PoorVery PoorAcids will disolve ivory
AmberVery PoorVery PoorAcids will dissolve amber

Note: Color Treated, Dyed, Fracture Filled, or Oiled Gemstones may be damaged in this process.

In addition to stone removal, United offers FROSTING services. This secondary process involves a chemical treatment performed on clear stones (diamonds and cubic zirconia) which makes it easier for the customer receiving returned stones back to distinguish between the diamonds and the CZs. The chemical used does not cause any damage to diamonds, but the CZs become etched and appear similar to frosted glass. Upon receipt, one can easily see the now white CZs from the clear diamonds – a real time saver for jewelers and pawnbrokers alike.

For more information about the Stone Removal process and our Frosting services, contact our sales team at 1-800-999-FINE

Video link for more information on STONE REMOVAL.