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Analytical Services

United's state of the art analytical laboratory is recognized as one of the most precise precious metals testing facilities in the world. The lab proudly services the jewelry industry and performs a series of analysis including Fire Assay, ICP, X-Ray Fluorescence in addition to Plating Thickness, Vickers Hardness Testing and Macbeth Color Measuring.


United provides its customers a wide variety of options when it comes to bullion. From United's own 1 T/oz and ½ T/oz gold bars to the gold American Eagle, African Kruggerand, Canadian Maple Leaf and more. In Silver, United offers bullion bars ranging from 10 T/oz and up as well as 1 T/oz silver American Eagles.

Dry Refining

Refining VideoUnited is one of the few precious metals refiners who processes low grade materials for the jewelry industry. Bench sweeps, grinding, filing, turnings, polishings, floor sweeps, emery, carpet, sludge, crucibles and slag are also processed for the recovery of precious metals.


United's environmental commitment is unparalleled in the industry. Certified by SCS Global Systems for 100% recycled gold and silver. United is also certified by EICC as a conflict-free refiner which means the material processed at United does not generate from conflicted regions throughout the world. In an effort to avoid contaminating the environment, United also houses it's own waste treatment plant within the refinery.

Premium Silver

In the spirit of innovation, United developed a collection of Premium Silvers which combine silver with other precious metals for a superior product over standard sterling silver. United's Premium Silvers are a mixture of Silver and Platinum, Silver and Palladium, Silver and Gold, and Silver and Germanium. These products have various characteristics from superior hardness for stone setting in the platinum-based sterling, to a whiter finish in the palladium-based sterling products.


United's refining capabilities are well known in the industry. Servicing over 25,000 customers world-wide, Untied processes scrap gold, silver, platinum and palladium in many forms from scrap jewelry, filings, polishing dust, bench sweeps, grinding, turnings, and more. United pays you for the silver in all your scrap gold lots as well as the platinum and palladium when detected in payable amounts.


United's cadmium-free solders are considered to be among the best solders in the industry. Made in the USA with 100% recycled gold and silver, United's solders are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium and in a variety of colors, karats and flows.

Stone Removal

United offers stone removal services for customers looking to extract the stones from their gold, silver, platinum and palladium scrap lots. This chemical process carefully extracts the stones without damaging them.

The United Experience

Our customer service program developed by United PMR that puts you, the customer at the center of it all. Discover why so many companies choose United.

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Corporate Capabilities / Overview

Our commitment to quality and service make United an easy choice for over 30,000 customers annually.  Our precious metal products and refining services are 100% recycled and environmentally responsible.  Our Analytical Services lab ensures you receive maximum return on your scrap and a variety of options provide flexibility for your lot settlement.

United's Company History

By: Vinny Guadagna, President of United
Since 1988, United has continued to grow globally and expand operations and facilities to accommodate each customer's expected lot turnaround and settlement times.

Our Environmental Commitment

By: Jim Siversten, Technical Rep
An environmentally conscious company, United refines only scrap precious metals as opposed to mined ores.  Air scrubbers, wastewater treatment equipment, pollution control systems, and conservation of power and water minimize our ecological impact.

Innovative Products from United

By: Kamal Lalvani, V.P. International Sales & Marketing
United's products are all proudly made in USA.  From solders, tube, sheet and wire for jewelry making to master alloys for casting and fabrication, United's product line has the diversity to suit all jewelry manufacturing needs.

Refining Services

Refining VideoBy: Dave Siminski, Sales Rep
As an SCS Certified 100% Recycled Material Facility, United's refining operations use technology to maximize conservation and reduce the carbon footprint left by other refining practices.  Our analytical services guarantee the maximum return on your scrap refining lots.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,801.89 +$9.43/+0.53%
Silver $23.23 +$0.62/+2.73%
Platinum $985.28 +$19.51/+2.02%
Palladium $2,396.67 +$26.54/+1.12%
Gold 2020-12-01 6:06 AM
Bid/Ask $1,801.89/$1,802.61
High/Low $1,802.25/$1,775.83
Change +$9.43/+0.53%
Silver 2020-12-01 6:06 AM
Bid/Ask $23.23/$23.25
High/Low $23.24/$22.59
Change +$0.62/+2.73%
Platinum 2020-12-01 6:06 AM
Bid/Ask $985.28/$989.34
High/Low $991.22/$966.85
Change +$19.51/+2.02%
Palladium 2020-12-01 6:06 AM
Bid/Ask $2,396.67/$2,405.98
High/Low $2,415.26/$2,374.76
Change +$26.54/+1.12%

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