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Patriot Act of 2001

The USA PATRIOT Act is designed to detect and deter terrorists in the United States and abroad. The Act required by the Department of the Treasury prescribes regulations that will establish minimum standards for the identification and verification of customers in connection with the acceptance of refining material. Section 352 of the USA Patriot act, requires that all "financial institutions – which include dealers in precious metals, stones or jewels" establish and maintain an anti-money laundering (AML) program.

As a refiner of Precious Metals, United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. is required, under our own Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program, to accumulate and maintain certain information on all companies and individuals with whom we do business.

These regulations require manufacturers, refiners, wholesalers, retailers and any other entity engaged in the business of purchasing and selling precious metals, precious stones or jewelry to obtain certain information such as name, physical address, and identification number.  This information we obtain is for maintaining compliance with our own internal AML program and is not shared outside the organization.

Please complete the Patriot Act Form online if you are an Individual rather than a Company

Companies shoud complete the "Know Your Counterparty" form instead.

For More information about the Patriot Act, its requirements, and penalties for non-compliance please follow the links below.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,301.74 +$1.11/+0.09%
Silver $15.28 +$0.04/+0.26%
Platinum $828.50 +$2.50/+0.30%
Palladium $1,580.51 +$21.01/+1.34%
Gold 2019-03-18 1:48 PM
Bid/Ask $1,301.74/$1,303.24
High/Low $1,306.71/$1,298.30
Change +$1.11/+0.09%
Silver 2019-03-18 1:48 PM
Bid/Ask $15.28/$15.38
High/Low $15.43/$15.23
Change +$0.04/+0.26%
Platinum 2019-03-18 1:48 PM
Bid/Ask $828.50/$838.50
High/Low $839.76/$822.50
Change +$2.50/+0.30%
Palladium 2019-03-18 1:48 PM
Bid/Ask $1,580.51/$1,586.51
High/Low $1,586.00/$1,547.00
Change +$21.01/+1.34%

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