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May, 2019

As we enter the second quarter, the increase of product sales continues indicating that jewelry manufacturing and repairs are in full swing. Refining of low-grade materials such as sweeps, polishing dust, blower sweeps and filters is also bustling as manufacturers continue producing quality jewelry for retailers around the globe.

United is proud to have added to our family in recent months including two new metallurgists and new compliance personnel. Our commitment to new product innovation and the need for compliance regulation oversight led to these new additions to our United family. With an eye to the future, now in our 31st year, United is gearing up for another 30 years of servicing the jewelry and pawn industries with strength and stability since 1988!

David Siminski

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David Siminski
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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100% Recycled Gold & Silver

In an age of environmental awareness, the popularity and demand for 100% recycled gold is rising.

Suppliers like United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. provide this to their customers with every product they make from karated grain to their cadmium-free solder. These products are used in the world's largest jewelry manufacturing companies to create fine jewelry that is then shipped to retailers around the globe.

Fine jewelry, made with 100% recycled gold is sold in retail stores and through online sales. These pieces are worn and often times passed down through generations. When the style has passed or if the piece is broken beyond repair, they end up sold to jewelers or pawnshops where they begin the process of being recycled. 

Primary refiners like United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. play a key role in the process. United purchases this scrap gold from jewelry sources such as jewelry stores, pawnshops and manufacturers alike. Buying jewelry scrap allows for United to ensure that their feed stock is sourced from only jewelry sources. By not purchasing electronic scrap or mining materials, United guarantees that all their products are made with 100% recycled gold.

In addition to jewelry scrap, United also purchases by-products from manufacturers and jewelers such as polishing dust, bench sweeps, filters, floor sweeps, blower sweeps, filings, grindings and more. United also processes carpeting, crucibles, slag and sink sludge for the recovery of precious metals. These materials are processed in house and refined to recover and refine the precious metals which ultimately are utilized in the creation of new jewelry products like wire, sheet, tube and plate in addition to fine gold and karated grain and solder.

United is proud to offer 100% recycled gold and silver and are certified SCS Global Services. Their environmental commitment has been a pillar of their foundation since 1988. United also houses a waste treatment plant where they process the chemicals used in the refining process.

To learn more about United, please visit their website: www.UnitedPMR.com or call +1-716-683-8334.



Sterling silver must contain 92.5% Silver and 7.5% other metals. A traditional sterling silver is made up of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper. This formula, though acceptable, presents a number of problems for the manufacturer and end-user alike.

For the manufacturer, this traditional silver formulation can lead to fire scale or fire stain in castings. The example shown here is a perfect example of fire scaling. These two castings were done using a traditional silver mix (the burnt tree) and United's de-ox formula S-88 (the white tree).

The difference is quite obvious from just looking at the buttons in the investment shown below. Fire scale or fire stain often forms due to the formation of subsurface copper oxide formed during melting or annealing. The fire scale or fire stain is very difficult to remove from the finished sterling silver items as once it forms it can extend to a considerable depth.  Re-melting the sterling silver with fire scale often makes it worse as the copper oxides contained will disperse into the metal.

For the end user, the higher copper content in traditional silver causes faster tarnishing due to the initial formation of copper sulfide first then over time a silver sulfide will form on the surface of the traditional sterling silver.

United began working on different formulations for deoxidized sterling silver in 1990.  We used 92.5% Silver, reduced the copper content and added other metals such as zinc, tin, indium along with a silicon deoxidizer.  The new formulations got rid of the fire scale or fire stain, reduced porosity and greatly improved the tarnish resistance of the finished items with the reduced copper content.

United was granted several patents in 1991 for the new sterling silver formulations.  Over the years we have made a number of improvements in our deoxidized sterling silver alloys and now offer a number of casting grains, sheet, wire, sizing stock and tubing.   We also have our deoxidized sterling silver master alloys for customers desiring to use their own fine silver to make deoxidized sterling silver items.   Check with your United Sales representative for more information and pricing.


As a strong supporter of the pawn industry, United is proud to be a member of various pawn organizations. We also participate in most tradeshows including Pawn Expo in Las Vegas, Dixie Pawn Convention, Midwest Pawn Convention, the CAPA Spring and Fall Conferences, TAP and the Pawnbrokers Advisory Forum Conference.

These tradeshows afford us the opportunity to meet with customers one on one and go over the process of sending in materials for refining. We also have the ability to sit with our customers face to face and go over refining results, charges and any question they might have.

United is committed to the pawn industry and invites you to contact your association and get involved with your state, regional or national association. The work these associations do is vital for the industry which is why we're proud to support them all.

Visit the National Pawnbrokers Association: https://nationalpawnbrokers.org/ to learn more and find links to events held throughout the year. Hope to see you at one of the many conventions!

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $2,033.76 -$0.99/-0.05%
Silver $28.35 +$0.06/+0.21%
Platinum $974.05 +$13.10/+1.36%
Palladium $2,189.06 +$13.62/+0.62%
Gold 2020-08-10 4:53 AM
Bid/Ask $2,033.76/$2,034.68
High/Low $2,036.50/$2,019.20
Change -$0.99/-0.05%
Silver 2020-08-10 4:53 AM
Bid/Ask $28.35/$28.38
High/Low $28.69/$27.83
Change +$0.06/+0.21%
Platinum 2020-08-10 4:53 AM
Bid/Ask $974.05/$977.50
High/Low $980.76/$958.12
Change +$13.10/+1.36%
Palladium 2020-08-10 4:53 AM
Bid/Ask $2,189.06/$2,197.38
High/Low $2,198.56/$2,171.53
Change +$13.62/+0.62%

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