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July, 2015

Welcome to our July edition of United News. A trend we continue to see here at United is one of consolidation and globalization amongst our customer base. Companies are focused on looking further down the road from the "Region" in which they typically served in the past and are now more driven to derive opportunity from a world view – both nationally and internationally. United has been focused on this direction from our inception 28 years ago, as our product sales growth has been due to the spike in international opportunities from around the world.

We bring you this newsletter in hopes of sharing with you some things in the industry that can assist you in your pursuit of business. If you see anything here that brings questions, concerns, or possibilities to your world – please let us know. We are here to serve.

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In this issue of United News …

The Negative Effects of Chlorine and Chlorine-based Chemicals on Gold Jewelry

The exposure of lower karat yellow and white gold jewelry to chlorine and chlorine based chemicals may cause cracking or discoloration of jewelry.   Sodium Hypochlorite in laundry bleach and various household cleaners or disinfectants are a common source.  Calcium Hypochlorite used in swimming pools and hot tubs is another common source.  

Muriatic Acid (Industrial grade of Hydrochloric Acid) used to etch concrete and also used sometimes as an investment remover is another source of chlorine.  The chlorine in chlorine based chemicals will eat into the grain boundaries of lower karat gold jewelry and weaken the structure of the metal.  Repeated exposure may cause the jewelry item to crack or fall apart when subjected to any stress.  Bench jewelers will notice that an item being heated for soldering or being stretched will crack or fall apart, this is often due to exposure to chlorine based chemicals.  This is known as Stress Corrosion Cracking. 

The worst case we ran across was a lady that tried to clean her 10 karat ring by soaking it in "Clorox Bleach" overnight, when she checked in the morning, it was in many pieces.

The chlorine based chemicals will also cause discoloration or tarnish on lower karat gold and on sterling silver.  It is wise to advise your customers not to wear their jewelry in swimming pools or when cleaning with chlorine based chemicals.

United's technical support hotline is available for troubleshooting.  Call 1-800-999-FINE.

Frosting… It's not Just for Cakes! Frosting Services for Stone Removal Lots

Frosting stonesAt United, we offer a service for clear white stones called frosting.  It is done to separate diamonds from CZ's.  The process entails treating the clear white stones in Hydrofluoric acid.  The acid treatment will cause the CZ's to get etched and give them a frosted surface.  The diamonds will remain clear and unchanged by the process. 

Some customers prefer to have the stones frosted as it makes it easier to separate the CZ's from the diamonds thus minimizing the time and manpower needed to sort them manually. 

This process is not recommended for colored gem stones as it will destroy them.  Contact your sales account executive for pricing and minimums.

Our Gold is Green!

Green gold leafUnited's Green Gold Alloys are inspired by our environmental commitment.  A leader in the metals industry, United's innovations consistently inspire new trends and movements in jewelry manufacturing.

Available in both casting & fabrication applications, United's Green Gold Alloys are a unique way for designers to make a statement. 

#570 for 10K-18K offers high reusability, tarnish resistance & luster
#575 for 10K-18K is a versatile alloy which also allows for enameling
#ROM2 strictly for 18K offers superior quality and also allows for enameling

Call your representative to order a sample today!

Health Matters… Our Commitment to our Customers in Providing Cadmium-free Solders

At United, we care about our customers which is why we only offer Cadmium-Free Solders.  Soldering causes fumes and dust particles to be released into the air which can be harmful to the user, especially if the solder contains cadmium.

Cadmium has very real and harmful effects on the body including:

  • Cadmium-free solderRespiratory:  Studies have linked exposure to cadmium fumes and dust to chronic obstructive lung disease and emphysema.
  • Renal: The main organ at risk for cadmium exposure is the kidney.  Cadmium nephrotoxicity may follow chronic inhalation.  Studies have shown a latency period of 10 years before symptoms of renal damage are seen.  
  • Skeletal: Cadmium is known to accumulate in bone but in excess amounts, skeletal lesions can begin to form which can lead to reduced mineral density in bone.
  • Cardiovascular: Increased systolic blood pressure which have been linked to depressed blood and tissue levels of atrial natriuretic peptide, increased levels of aldosterone and retention of sodium and water.
  • Other Effects: Some have reported Anosmia and yellowing of the teeth as well as mild anemia in association with chronic exposure to Cadmium.

Don't risk your health tomorrow to save a few cents today.  Call United today to switch to Cadmium-Free Solder.  Don't do it for us, do it for yourself!

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,881.18 +$20.24/+1.09%
Silver $23.71 +$0.83/+3.64%
Platinum $883.82 +$35.16/+4.14%
Palladium $2,261.17 +$45.02/+2.03%
Gold 2020-09-28 3:19 PM
Bid/Ask $1,881.18/$1,881.94
High/Low $1,883.08/$1,848.73
Change +$20.24/+1.09%
Silver 2020-09-28 3:19 PM
Bid/Ask $23.71/$23.74
High/Low $23.73/$22.52
Change +$0.83/+3.64%
Platinum 2020-09-28 3:19 PM
Bid/Ask $883.82/$885.81
High/Low $889.29/$849.03
Change +$35.16/+4.14%
Palladium 2020-09-28 3:19 PM
Bid/Ask $2,261.17/$2,269.06
High/Low $2,276.38/$2,207.31
Change +$45.02/+2.03%

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