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October, 2014

I am honored to announce that United has been approved to be good for delivery of gold against the COMEX Gold futures contract effective September 30, 2014.  The Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX) announced their approval of our application adding this prestigious status to the extensive list of accreditations and certification earned by United.

From a global perspective, we are currently in some interesting times.  In the precious metal markets, we have in the past seen precious metal prices increase when world conflict takes hold. However, these days, Gold and Silver prices have continued downward even with so many areas of our world in distress.  The good news is that we are seeing plenty of activity in our product lines as we see preparation for the upcoming Holiday season in the jewelry marketplace.  Refining has been consistent and steady, as businesses are working diligently to get as much precious metal value out of their premises as possible.

We bring you this newsletter in hopes of sharing with you some things in the industry that can assist you in your pursuit of business. If you see anything here that brings questions, concerns, or possibilities to your world – please let us know. We are here to serve.

Vinny Guadagna Thank you,

Vincent Guadagna
Vinny Guadagna
President and CEO

In this issue of United News …

Recovery of Precious Metals

With jewelry manufacturing on the rise again after precious metal prices stabilized, it is wise to review your recovery procedures to optimize the retrieval of precious metals in your manufacturing operations.  The following are the usual sources of wastes in jewelry manufacturing:

  • Melting & Casting
    Crucibles, casting dies, molds, slag, flux residues, casting machinery clean up, sweeps from floors.
  • Fabrication, Rolling, Wire Drawing, Stamping
    Chips around rolling mills and Wire drawing equipment, Particles around stamping and chain making equipment, Lubricating oils, Rags and wipes, sweeps from floors.
  • Assembly, Finishing & Cleaning
    Filing, Grinding, Sawing, Soldering, Polishing, Cleaning, Rags and Wipes, Wheels & brushes, Sweeps from floors.
  • General Workplace
    Smocks and Aprons, Hand washing, Benches, Floors, Walls, Dust on machinery, fans and lights, Sink traps and Rugs.

Here is a chart that outlines the typical yields in the jewelry manufacturing industry as well as United's turnaround time for processing these waste products:

Type of Material Average Gold Content Processing Time
Scrap Jewelry 39 to 75% 24-48 hours
Bench sweeps & grindings 19 to 45% 3-5 business days
Sink trap sludge 0.05 to 4% 3-4 weeks
Carpets & wood floors 0.1 to 4% 2-3 weeks
Polishing dust & sweeps 0.5 to 5% 2 weeks
Crucibles 0.6 to 5% 2-3 weeks
Floor sweeps, emery paper, and brushes 0.1 to 4% 2 weeks

United stocks different types of containers for shipping in your waste materials, please call us so we can accommodate your needs. We also offer a pick-up service in many areas.  Please check with your United representative for more information.

Platinum Solders

United offers a wide range of Platinum Solders in 1 dwt square, 1 gram square and clip solder chips. They are available in both the "repair" & "plumb" categories. Our Platinum solders are specifically formulated to melt & flow to provide excellent strength & good color match to the Platinum jewelry.

Helpful TipsPlatinum Repair Solders (PS), are formulated small amounts of Platinum, Palladium & Gold. The Fine Platinum content in these solders are far lower than the actual Pt content in the Pt jewelry. These solders come in a flow range from 900C to 1700C and are designated by the code PS followed by the flow temperature such as PS 1000, PS 1100 & so on.

Platinum Plumb Solders (PSP), are formulated with Platinum Group metals only. The Fine Platinum content in these solders 90% or greater. They come in three flow temperatures such as Easy (1300C), Medium (1400C) & Hard (1500C).  The Fine Platinum content in these solders are 90.0%, 92.50% and 95.0% respectively & are designated as PSP 1300, PSP 1400 & PSP 1500.

When soldering small jewelry pieces for a short time, use #5 gas-welding goggles. These goggles are sufficient for most repair work. When welding for longer periods of time, use #6 goggles. When casting platinum, use #10 or even # 11 electric welding goggles; their filtering lenses also protect against harmful infrared radiation generated by the high temperature flames. Never use sunglasses to protect yourself against the rays and white light. Even the darkest sunglasses offer very little infrared protection against the image of a concentrated oxy-gas flame.

Please contact us at sales@unitepdmr.com for pricing & technical assistance on the above solders.

Pre-alloying Karat Gold and Sterling Silver Master Alloys

To achieve a homogeneous mix of fine gold or fine silver with master alloy before casting, the metals should be pre-alloyed before using the metal for casting.  A successful method is to put the master alloy in the bottom of the crucible and the fine gold or silver on top.  In open melt systems a small amount of flux can be sprinkled on top of the master alloy before adding the gold or silver.  This will help protect the master alloy from oxidation. 
The furnace temperature should be brought up to the pre-alloying temperature (as listed on the United instructions). 

  • In OPEN MELTING the molten metal should be stirred well and skimmed (if needed) before pouring into water to make shots or into small bars or buttons. 
  • In CLOSED MELTING systems some machines have a power stir application that should be used before pouring the metal. 

The pre-alloying temperatures will be much higher than the casting temperature, once the metal is completely alloyed it will have a lower melt point and will allow a lower casting temperature (as listed on the United instructions) to be used.  Be mindful that the nickel white gold alloys may need to be held at the pre-alloy temperature longer to achieve an optimum mix.  

Proper pre-alloying will provide a more uniform karat, a homogeneous mix and allow a lower casting temperature to be used.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,884.30 -$12.98/-0.68%
Silver $23.69 -$0.49/-2.01%
Platinum $871.32 -$13.02/-1.47%
Palladium $2,304.45 -$7.05/-0.30%
Gold 2020-09-30 5:56 AM
Bid/Ask $1,884.30/$1,884.89
High/Low $1,899.44/$1,881.44
Change -$12.98/-0.68%
Silver 2020-09-30 5:56 AM
Bid/Ask $23.69/$23.71
High/Low $24.31/$23.59
Change -$0.49/-2.01%
Platinum 2020-09-30 5:56 AM
Bid/Ask $871.32/$873.54
High/Low $889.30/$870.03
Change -$13.02/-1.47%
Palladium 2020-09-30 5:56 AM
Bid/Ask $2,304.45/$2,316.74
High/Low $2,333.56/$2,301.96
Change -$7.05/-0.30%

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Prices shown are for reference only. Please contact our trading desk for accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing.

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