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January, 2013

Welcome to our January edition of United News. Winter is here along with many new regulations pertaining to the jewelry industry. Please let us know if we can help answer any questions on the Dodd-Frank Bill, or anything else, for that matter.

The goal of this newsletter is to share our knowledge and experience with you as you pursue your work with precious metals. Please let us know if you have questions, comments, or ideas for future newsletter topics. We are here to serve!

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In this issue of United News …

Refining - Is The Gold Buying Well Drying Up?

One of the most frequently asked questions we have been recently asked is "Is the gold buying well drying up?".  Our customers are concerned that the volume of gold they are buying from their customers is decreasing.  While no one can say for certain, here are two factors to consider...

  1. Competition: We've seen an increase in "gold buying" stores and local gold buyers.  Gold buying has become big business for many newcomers and why not?  If you have the capital and are willing to abide by the rules, it can represent a good source of income.
  2. An Educated Market: With gold prices still ranging upwards of $1600 and projections for 2013 to reach $2400 an ounce, the word is out.  Gold prices are part of the ticker on most major financial news sources and the public is educating themselves more each day. 

One major fear is that gold jewelry production is coming to a halt due to elevated costs of gold, lack of retail sales, the introduction of alternative metals, and a slew of other reasons.  While production and retail may be down, it's certainly not dead.  United is one of the largest global manufacturers of alloys for the jewelry industry with distribution in over 16 countries.  As such, we have a pretty good grasp on market trends.  Gold jewelry manufacturing is alive and well and our scrap gold refining program is growing.

So to answer the question: "Is the gold buying well drying up?"  An honest answer is nobody knows for sure.  We can only rely on historical data that shows gold buying and selling as a stable business since the dawn of time.  United remains committed to both our refining customers and our manufacturers who combined helped build and secure our mutual success.

Investment Casting from Pure Gold and Silver

Pure Gold and Silver can be transformed into investment cast by using regular casting equipment. Designs being cast for investments should avoid thin or highly detailed areas, as they will be prone to fill problems with these pure metals.  These designs should be well sprued to the heaviest area to promote progressive solidification.  Higher casting and flask temperatures are required to provide optimum fill on the castings.  Extra care is needed during quenching and investment removal to avoid damage to the softer castings.

A few of the technical attributes of this process is as follows:


  • Pure Gold Casting Parameters - Melting point - 1064C / 1945F
  • Specific gravity - 19.32 grams per cc - 19.32 x Wax weight
  • Casting range - 1160 to 1170C / 2120 to 2138F
  • Flask Temperature
    • Vacuum cast - 1200 to 1350F / 648 to 732C  
    • Centrifugal cast - 1050 to 1100F / 565 to 598C
  • Quench time - 6 to 10 minutes depending on size of flask.


  • Pure Silver Casting Parameters - Melting point - 962C / 1762F
  • Specific gravity - 10.49 grams per cc - 10.49 x Wax weight
  • Casting range - 1050 to 1060C / 1922 to 1940F
  • Flask Temperature
    • Vacuum cast - 1150 to 1300F / 621 to 704C
    • Centrifugal cast - 1000 to 1050F / 537 to 565C
  • Quench Time - 5 to 9 minutes depending of flask size.

Note: Pure silver can dissolve many times its volume of oxygen in a molten state. A reducing or neutral cover gas is strongly recommended for melting to protect the silver from oxygen.

If you have any technical questions that come up for you in your manufacturing process, never hesitate to reach out to "Doc" at doc@unitedpmr.com.

New Nickel Release European Regulation for White Gold Alloys

There have been new regulations in Europe on the horizon that affects Nickel and White Gold.

The European nickel directive BS-EN:1811-1999 will be replaced with a new regulation as of the 1st March 2013.

In legal terms, BS EN 1811:1998 + A1:2008 will be superseded by the new standard BS EN 1811:2011.

The main difference between the old standard and the new standard is that the new standard has a category of measurement stated as "Inconclusive result" which is reported as "No Decision". Articles measuring within the No-Decision range cannot be used for marketing in Europe.

The new standard lowers the compliance limit for nickel release; products that are currently compliant may fail the revised standard.

We at United offer numerous Nickel Free alloys from 9K - 18K for casting & fabrication purposes.  Please contact us for more information on European Regulation compliant white gold alloys. 

Did You Know?

  • United is SCS Certified.
  • United's fine gold and fine silver have been certified 100% recycled! We take the green initiative very seriously.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $2,057.34 +$19.57/+0.96%
Silver $28.13 +$1.18/+4.38%
Platinum $983.19 +$14.34/+1.48%
Palladium $2,234.19 +$48.65/+2.22%
Gold 2020-08-06 9:37 AM
Bid/Ask $2,057.34/$2,058.38
High/Low $2,064.98/$2,034.67
Change +$19.57/+0.96%
Silver 2020-08-06 9:37 AM
Bid/Ask $28.13/$28.15
High/Low $28.46/$26.80
Change +$1.18/+4.38%
Platinum 2020-08-06 9:37 AM
Bid/Ask $983.19/$984.77
High/Low $990.14/$965.58
Change +$14.34/+1.48%
Palladium 2020-08-06 9:37 AM
Bid/Ask $2,234.19/$2,239.81
High/Low $2,237.00/$2,178.78
Change +$48.65/+2.22%

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