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Mixed Waxes with Air Bubble Problems

Mixed waxes are often used for stone in place castings. The usual mix is 50% Aqua flake wax and 50% Blue plasto-wax which provides excellent shape memory in the wax patterns. Occasionally air bubble defects will be noticed in the wax patterns. On checking the compressor, air lines and moisture traps on the wax pots to insure no source of moisture is getting into the wax pots you may find yourself at a loss to discover the source. If you are mixing the aqua flake wax and the blue plastowax in the wax pots by combining the waxes in each wax pot by melting and stirring, you may be stirring air into the wax creating bubbles.

Away around Ns problem would be to use a cooking pot of a size that would fit under the vacuum unit in the investing area and a hot plate or stove. Weigh the exact portions of each wax to fill the cooking pot. Heat the wax until it is thoroughly melted and stir it well. Move the cooking pot filled with wax to the investing area and place on a heat resistant pad under the vacuum unit. Seal the unit and turn on vacuum for 2 to 5 minutes, which will pull any trapped air to the surface. Shut off vacuum and open the unit giving I shot of silicone mold release spray to break the bubbles on the surface of the wax. The wax can then be poured or ladled into muffin or cupcake pans and allowed to cool. The pre-mixed wax muffins can then be used to fill the wax pots. We tried this with one of our customers and it worked well. The company was also having some wax problems previously because they were eyeballing the weight of each wax and by weighing the mix of waxes exactly, a more uniform wax mix was obtained.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

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