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Southern Jewelry News

Where the Gold Price Is Going Now
National Jeweler
November 10, 2016

By: Michelle Graff

Southern Jewelry News

United Precious Metals Refining - steady growth since 1988
Southern Jewelry News
August 1, 2015

Canadian Jeweler Magazine

Rafael Amador takes over as new Marketing Director for United PMR
Canadian Jeweler Magazine

Joya Magazine

DOLLAR WISE: Tips for boosting your refining returns
Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America
October 2013
Compiled by Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Joya Magazine

United Precious Metal Refining Celebra 25 Años de servicio en la industria
Marzo/Abril 2013

Jewellery Business - "Good as Gold" Good as Gold - How you can make the most of the cash-for-gold business
Jewellery Business
June, 2012
By Jeff Green

Many Happy Returns - What you can do to ensure the best refining experience
Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America
October 1, 2011
By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Jewelry Association Conference

Jewelry Association Conference, New York City
September 2, 2011

Audubon Magazine attended the conference in search of businesses practicing environmentally friendly and sustainable methods when manufacturing their jewelry or materials.  We're glad they stopped by our booth, and you can read the entire article and watch the video HERE.

UPMR unveils Sterlium® sterling silver casting grain
Southern Jewelry News
June 1, 2010

UPMR expands plant to accommodate 70% growth
Southern Jewelry News
January 2, 2010

UPMR reports gold bars are a hot commodity
Southern Jewelry News
June 5, 2009

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,579.54 -$1.80/-0.11%
Silver $18.04 -$0.05/-0.29%
Platinum $985.32 -$0.13/-0.01%
Palladium $2,266.86 +$10.19/+0.45%
Gold 2020-01-28 4:55 AM
Bid/Ask $1,579.54/$1,580.07
High/Low $1,583.11/$1,576.93
Change -$1.80/-0.11%
Silver 2020-01-28 4:48 AM
Bid/Ask $18.04/$18.04
High/Low $18.12/$17.98
Change -$0.05/-0.29%
Platinum 2020-01-28 4:48 AM
Bid/Ask $985.32/$985.76
High/Low $993.93/$985.21
Change -$0.13/-0.01%
Palladium 2020-01-28 4:48 AM
Bid/Ask $2,266.86/$2,277.14
High/Low $2,340.86/$2,267.29
Change +$10.19/+0.45%

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Prices shown are for reference only. Please contact our trading desk for accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing.