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Acid Devesting Solution

Acid devesting solution is the major cause of cracking in karat gold castings. Hydrochloric/muriatic acid is one of the main chemicals in many investment removers. Hydrochloric acid attacks the grain boundaries, dissolving part of the alloy mixture. What can be observed in these cracks is a black shiny compound of silver chloride. We previously believed this compound was oxides of silicon. For many years we have attributed most cracking failures to silicon oxide formation. This has been erroneous in direct terms. The severity of the cracking will depend on many contributing factors, such as alloy silicon content, gate/sprue relationship and temperatures involved.

Hydrochloric acid is the most effective treatment for removal of investment powder. The key to trouble free use is careful control of the time in solution, and the strength of the solution. Freshly mixed solutions are more powerful and therefore require less time to work. The problems are greater in I Ok gold, because of the higher alloy content. Controls should be in place to monitor the replenishing and changing of the solution. Better yet, use a solution without hydrochloric acid.


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