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United Precious Metal Refining Customer App for iOS and Android

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United recently published an app that all types of customers will find useful.

Whether you want to schedule refining lot pickups, check on live precious metal prices, calculate the value of your scrap gold, or find the right product for your casting, fabrication, or soldering needs, you will love having this app just a tap away.

Our app is currently available for FREE (and without any ads) for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Main Features

Scan the QR code above or download the app from the following stores:

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Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,245.39 +$0.66/+0.05%
Silver $16.59 +$0.28/+1.72%
Platinum $917.00 +$2.50/+0.27%
Palladium $866.50 +$1.00/+0.12%
Gold 2017-06-27 1:25 AM
Bid/Ask $1,245.39/$1,245.51
High/Low $1,246.20/$1,241.10
Change +$0.66/+0.05%
Silver 2017-06-27 1:25 AM
Bid/Ask $16.59/$16.60
High/Low $16.63/$16.51
Change +$0.28/+1.72%
Platinum 2017-06-27 1:25 AM
Bid/Ask $917.00/$923.00
High/Low $924.00/$914.00
Change +$2.50/+0.27%
Palladium 2017-06-27 1:26 AM
Bid/Ask $866.50/$871.50
High/Low $875.00/$862.00
Change +$1.00/+0.12%

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Prices shown are for reference only. Please contact our trading desk for accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing.