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Investment Silver Bars

Silver BarsSilver bullion is a very popular hard asset with the unique characteristics and investment benefits:

  • Silver has retained its purchasing power during inflations and deflations, a key characteristic in a time of domestic Dollar devaluation.
  • Silver possesses very good liquidity around the globe and has a negative or weak correlation to price movements in the financial markets, especially the stock market.
  • People are funding personal IRAs by investing in silver bullion instead of stock in many instances. The fact that there is wealth stored away for as long as a person wants with no risk of losses (as with stocks) is appealing.
  • Investors may consider silver bullion for the following reasons:
    • for survival purposes
    • as an investment
    • as an inflation hedge.

Investing in silver bullion for protection against inflation provides investors a very good inflation hedge.

United's silver bars are available in 10 t/oz, 25 t/oz, 50 t/oz & 100 t/oz sizes.  Please contact us for the latest pricing.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

  Bid Change
Gold $1,281.70 +$1.40/+0.11%
Silver $17.07 +$0.05/+0.29%
Platinum $923.00 +$2.50/+0.27%
Palladium $954.00 -$16.50/-1.69%
Gold 2017-10-23 4:51 PM
Bid/Ask $1,281.70/$1,282.50
High/Low $1,283.70/$1,272.40
Change +$1.40/+0.11%
Silver 2017-10-23 4:54 PM
Bid/Ask $17.07/$17.11
High/Low $17.14/$16.83
Change +$0.05/+0.29%
Platinum 2017-10-23 4:54 PM
Bid/Ask $923.00/$929.00
High/Low $929.00/$909.00
Change +$2.50/+0.27%
Palladium 2017-10-23 4:54 PM
Bid/Ask $954.00/$965.00
High/Low $982.00/$950.00
Change -$16.50/-1.69%

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