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Nickel White Silicide Hard Spots

While casting with white gold alloys containing silicon, there may be a potential for a defect known as "silicide hard spots". These spots are a combination of silicon & nickel that form a hard nodule either on or below the surface. The silicide is formed upon cool down of the flask. Certain conditions listed below will practically guarantee that the silicides will form. It is possible to have perfect conditions and still create silicides. We currently recommend silicon free alloys for large surface area castings, due to the problem potential.

Some of the causes may be:

To resolve these problems you can:

Refine any scrap with "hard spots" immediately. Do not reuse any scrap with "hard spots", it will contaminate the next melt.

Precious Metal Spot Prices

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Gold $1,281.70 +$1.40/+0.11%
Silver $17.06 +$0.04/+0.23%
Platinum $923.00 +$2.50/+0.27%
Palladium $954.00 -$16.50/-1.69%
Gold 2017-10-23 4:51 PM
Bid/Ask $1,281.70/$1,282.50
High/Low $1,283.70/$1,272.40
Change +$1.40/+0.11%
Silver 2017-10-23 4:49 PM
Bid/Ask $17.06/$17.10
High/Low $17.14/$16.83
Change +$0.04/+0.23%
Platinum 2017-10-23 4:49 PM
Bid/Ask $923.00/$929.00
High/Low $929.00/$909.00
Change +$2.50/+0.27%
Palladium 2017-10-23 4:49 PM
Bid/Ask $954.00/$965.00
High/Low $982.00/$950.00
Change -$16.50/-1.69%

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